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Member Insurance Agency — Our Policy is Peace of Mind
Providing insurance coverage since 1972, Member Insurance has established itself as a market leader in the hardware and building supply wholesale and retail market by offering a wide range of customized insurance products, industry knowledge, and specialized and dedicated claims services. Through our expertise and dedicated to policyholders, Member Insurance has evolved into the single largest insurance supplier to independent hardware stores in the United States.

Data Breach
Stolen credit card numbers and database hacking are both things you don’t want your business or customers to experience. Yet, the recent incident that occurred at one of the nation’s largest department stores is an example that a data breach can happen even to sophisticated companies with expensive and expansive security. Click here to learn how Member Insurance can help you protect your business against data breach!

The Toolbox
Access hundreds of industry-specific loss control resources. . . for FREE! The Toolbox features a cutting edge online virtual library of over 300 industry-specific loss control resources. You can search by location and industry to find accurate and relevant safety materials – all at the touch of a button. Click here for more information about the Toolbox!

Member Insurance rooted in the hardware industry for 40+ years
Scott Reynolds, President & CEO of Member Insurance, explains the rich history and focus of Member Insurance. He explains what makes Member Insurance unique – member ownership, tailored coverage for the hardware industry, national account executive team, competitive products, highly-rated carriers, broad range of services, 41 consecutive years of dividends, commitment to co-op, risk management focus.

Member Insurance benefits Builders Do it Center with specialized loss control services
Bruce Ellis, Builders Do it Center, New Mexico, explains how Member Insurance takes on unique risks to help members in specialized businesses. Bruce feels Member Insurance has what it takes to provide tailored coverage for the lumber industry and goes beyond with their level of expertise in loss control and risk management.

Member Insurance provides customized coverage, claims service for Kramer Lumber Do it Best
Jack Ransom, Kramer Lumber Do it Best, Indiana, discusses the benefits of Member Insurance, including the dividend, claims service, competitive pricing, and tailored coverage options for hardware and lumber operations.

Member Insurance is “no brainer” for Town & Country Stores
Scott Sullivan, Town & Country Stores, Bryan, Ohio, chooses Member Insurance to protect his Do it Best operation. In this video, Scott explains the benefits of Member Insurance, including saving money and supporting the co-op. In addition, he discusses how Member Insurance goes the extra mile by educating members through its Facebook page with tips on how to save money and reduce claims. Scott explains how Member Insurance looks out for the store and appreciates the good service and “ownership” he receives as a member.

Member Insurance provides hardware specific coverage to Triple C Hardware
Russell & Cole Crenwelge, Triple C Hardware & Lumber, Ozona, Texas, explain the value of Member Insurance to Do it Best Corp. members. In this video, Russell and Cole discuss how they had outgrown what their local insurance agent could provide to their operation. They explain how Member Insurance provides them with tailored coverage to meet their needs as a hardware and lumber operation. They trust Member Insurance because they feel Member Insurance knows and understands the ins and outs of the hardware business.