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Risk Management 101


Hurricane Storm Safety


Risk Management Resources for Your Business

Plan Ahead for Disasters

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Natural disasters and severe weather resources

Falls in the Workplace

New ladder safety app via the

This app will show you the recommended ladder based on your expected weight load.  The app also allows you to use your phone to measure the inline and to properly level.


As with any mechanical device before using, employees need to be trained and in some cases certified to use devices that are self-propelled.  OSHA and NIOSH supplies safety information in working with pallets, pallet jacks, conveyors, as well as other mechanical devices.  See the following:

The main hazard associated with using or working around mechanical assists and pallets are injuries identified as “contact-based” which are common in warehouses and back storage areas where space is often limited. Further information on the hazards in the retail and wholesale sector are discussed in Anderson et al. [2010].

Ergonomic Guidelines for Manual Material Handling

Manual material handling tasks may expose workers to physical risk factors. If these tasks are performed repeatedly or over long periods of time, they can lead to fatigue and injury. The main risk factors, or conditions, associated with the development of injuries in manual material handling tasks are described on pp. 9–14.

Forklift Training Services: Online

Free Forklift Checklist & Operator Rules / OSHA Study Guide

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