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Kentucky Showing True Leadership!


If any of you have ever been involved in an automobile incident where a police report was made, you know full-well that there are hungry attorneys and chiropractors out there wanting your insurance company's money or, in the case of another party involved, their insurance company's money. Your mailbox will be packed with letters for a week or more. The fact is that most of these attorneys and chiropractors don't really care about you – they care about themselves.

The Kentucky legislature passed a law to limit these kinds of solicitations which was struck down by a federal judge in 2014. The legislature has stepped up to the challenge by improving the law which is now in effect.

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Our country desperately needs this kind leadership in the state legislatures and even at the federal level. Allowing solicitation of an accident victim immediately after a crash also propagates staged auto accidents in PIP (no-fault) states since insurance monies can be accessed immediately without proper time for investigation. Staged auto accidents is a major area of insurance fraud. Greedy solicitation of accident victims also contributes to other notable areas of fraud – unnecessary attorney fees and unnecessary costs of medical providers.

Remember that insurance fraud costs us all billions of dollars a year through necessary premium rate increases to cover the costs of fraud.

In the upcoming 2016 elections, we should all be seeking to put officials in place at the state and local levels who support the kinds of forward-thinking leadership that we see in Kentucky.

Scott Reynolds

About Scott Reynolds

Scott Reynolds is the President of Member Insurance Ltd. and CEO of Member Insurance Agency, Inc. Scott joined Member Insurance and was elected to the MIL Board of Directors in 2011. He is responsible for the overall operations of Member Insurance Limited and Member Insurance Agency. [Full Bio]