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Insurance for Sawmills and Lumber Dealers


In general, the insurance marketplace is beginning to see the high rate increases of the past few years begin to ebb. Policyholders may now see smaller rate increases and in some cases even decreases.

However, one industry remains squarely in the heart of a “hard market” with carrier appetite waning and rates on the rise. This is the wood products manufacturing & distribution industry. For these classes, with notable large accidents and lawsuits in recent years and well-known insurance carriers pulling back altogether or at least partially, the near future promises continued rate increases and reduced choice of insurance carriers for several years to come.

If you are in the wood products industry, the best way to position your business to withstand the insurance rate increases is to ensure you have superb safety standards and that you can demonstrate you adhere to them. Hold regular safety meetings and document them. Inspect your properties and keep the results on file.

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Your insurance carrier will review these items carefully.

If you are in the wood products manufacturing or distribution industry, you should also look for your insurance agent to be an expert in your class of business. He or she should immediately know your unique coverage needs as well as which carriers remain open for business for your type of exposures.

Scott Reynolds

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