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Employers Should Be Very Concerned With The Future of Healthcare Insurance Costs

Just about everyone misses the point on needed healthcare reform. The constant barrage of news regarding “Healthcare”, “Obamacare”, “Reform”, etc. all targets insurance rather than healthcare. The real problem is simple and should be obvious to all and it is the incredibly high cost of actual healthcare. What is healthcare? It is the cost of …


Property Insurance is NOT All the Same

It’s time for your insurance renewal and you are thinking about getting some competitive quotes on your property insurance. It’s good to consider options, but property insurance can have significant differences between competing carriers – much more so than other lines such as workers compensation where coverage terms are more standard. When comparing competing property …


Cyber Crimes

I heard recently from someone who really nailed it on how to think about cyber crime. Most of our customers and people I talk to dismiss the importance of protecting themselves and their businesses from cyber criminals. They tend to think that the banks and the credit card companies take all the risk and even if …


Kentucky Showing True Leadership!

If any of you have ever been involved in an automobile incident where a police report was made, you know full-well that there are hungry attorneys and chiropractors out there wanting your insurance company’s money or, in the case of another party involved, their insurance company’s money. Your mailbox will be packed with letters for …


Are You Exposed To A Data Breach?

Yes you are. Regardless of your structure, if you are engaging in financial transactions involving credit cards, checks, customer information, etc. you are exposed. If you have employees, you are exposed. If you have customers you are exposed. If you have vendors you are exposed. With the busiest shopping season of the year upon us and …