Now more than ever, managing risk in all aspects of your business has become a top priority. No other insurance agency understands this, and your particular business, better than Member Insurance Agency. To help make your store a safer place to work and shop, we offer our clients FREE, unlimited access to The Toolbox.

The Toolbox features a cutting edge online virtual library of safety materials. Members can search by location and industry to find accurate and relevant safety materials – all at the touch of a button. Members can learn how to conduct safety meetings, reduce losses, and how to pro-actively reduce claims by educating employees.

The Toolbox requires one time registration.You will need your policy number for initial registration. To access the site, visit

In addition to The Toolbox, Member Insurance offers policyholders up to 3 FREE hours of risk management consultations for loss control, lawsuit avoidance, customer relations, policies and procedures, and premises issues. With every Employment Practices Liability policy, policyholders receive FREE human resources consultations. To learn more, contact Member Insurance Agency at 800.323.0131 or

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