EasyCover® – Increase Your Bottom Line at No Cost to You

Member Insurance offers members access to an extended warranty product called EasyCover®. With EasyCover®, you have the opportunity to increase your bottom line and provide worry free added valued for your customer.

Why Offer EasyCover® Service Plans?

  1. Additional Sales Revenue – Your customers are familiar with extended service contracts on everything from digital cameras to washing machines, and many of them will be extremely interested in this program. Gross profit margins average 50% and greater and we know that over 30% of your customers who are asked will purchase the plan!
  2. Worry Free Added Value For Your Customer – The EasyCover® plans will ensure hassle-free enjoyment use of products for your customers. Repairs or replacement of products can be expensive – one major repair can easily justify the cost of buying the plan.

Service Plan Type

Replacement Plans:

  • Available for most products that cost over or under $300
  • Failed covered product will be replaced – no waiting on repairs!
  • Provides a one-time replacement
  • Return shipping included
  • Power Tools and Camera/Camcorder plans ALSO include Accidental Damage from Handling.

Repair Plans:

  • Covers:  1) Mechanical and electrical breakdowns, 2) Defects in workmanship and materials, 3) Failures caused by normal wear and tear
  • 100% parts & labor coverage
  • If product is beyond repair, we will replace the item
  • Transferable coverage to a new owner if sold or given away

*not applicable on cell phone plans

  • Plans mirror the manufacturer’s warranty and pick up when the MFG warranty ends.
  • Power Tools and Camera/Camcorder Plans with “ADH” add Accidental Damage from Handling coverage so customers are covered from unexpected mishaps!
  • Transferable coverage to a new owner if sold or given away*
  • 24/7 Toll-Free assistance
  • Online customer assistance
  • A nationwide network of certified, factory authorized technicians
  • No Lemon Policy: If the covered product requires more than 3 repairs for the same problem, we replace it
  • Power surge
  • No out of pocket expense for covered repairs (except for cell phones)

Note: EasyCover® is not available to stand alone rental stores.